Cthulhu Wars The Ancients

cthulhu-wars-the-ancients-faction-expansion-kickstarter-pre-order-special-kickstarter-board-game-expansion-petersen-games-1359079833638_1200x1200Faction Ability

Dematerialization (Doom Phase): Relocate any or all of your own Units from one Area to a single other Area, anywhere on the Map.

Construct Cathedral: When you perform the Create Gate Action, you may construct either a Cathedral OR a Gate. As with Gates, you must have a Cultist in the selected Area. A Cathedral can be placed in the same Area as a Gate, following these restrictions:

  • Only one Cathedral can be placed in Areas containing: (Circular)
  • Only one Cathedral can be placed in Areas containing: (Chevron)
  • Only one Cathedral can be placed in Areas containing: (Vertical Slashes)
  • Only one Cathedral can be placed in Areas that do not contain any of these: (Circular), (Chevron), (Vertical Slashes)

Unlike a Gate, you do not “Control” a Cathedral. It simply belongs to you always, even if you have no Units in an Area. It is not a Unit, and does not participate in any Battles. Cathedrals cost 1 power to build, if not in an area adjacent to another cathedral. Otherwise, they cost 3 power to build



  • Festival (Ongoing) Un-Men now cost 0 Power to Summon. When you Summon an Un-Man, also select an enemy to gain 1 Power.
  • Brainless (Ongoing) Reanimated now cost 1 Power to Summon. They may only Move, Capture, or declare Battle if they share an Area with one or more of your non-Reanimated Units.
  • Extinction (Ongoing) Yothans now cost 3 Power to Summon. When a Yothan is Killed or Eliminated, remove it permanently from the game.
  • Worship Services (Gather Power Phase) Gain 1 Power for each Cathedral that shares an Area with an enemy Gate. Those enemies each gain 1 Power.
  • Consecration (Doom Phase) When you perform a Ritual of Annihilation, gain 1 Elder Sign if at least one Cathedral is in play. If all four Cathedrals are in play, gain 2 Elder Signs instead.
  • Unholy Ground (Post-Battle) If there is a Cathedral in the Battle Area, you may choose to remove a Cathedral from anywhere. If you do, an enemy Great Old One in the Battle must be Eliminated by its owner

General Strategies Edit

So, how does one PLAY this unusual new faction? Most obviously, you need to worry about your Cathedrals. Because you don’t have a Great Old One, you get major power savings, but this is ultimately negated by your need to spend 4-10 Power on Cathedrals. This is spread over time, however, so you never lose a whole turn to Awaken (unlike other factions). And your Cathedrals can earn extra Power, eventually reimbursing part or all of their cost.

You must balance your Cathedral construction with your Gate construction and your army. You need enough combat effectiveness to place your Cathedrals without undue interference. It may seem obvious to build a Cathedral in your starting Area on turn one, but that choice is still available later in the game. You are often better off building a second Gate in a neighboring area with a different glyph. You need a monster to protect your Gate too, so Brainless or Festival are good to aim at early on.

Your greatest advantages are first, how cost-effective your monsters are and second, your ability to engage in “social engineering” with the other players.

Your greatest weaknesses are first, your lack of a Great Old One, which renders your cultists vulnerable and second, your need to travel around the map. You must build strategies around this.

The real menace of the enemy Great Old Ones is not that they might fight you, but that they may Capture your cultists, against which you may seem defenseless. To avert this, you need to threaten battle (they’ll fear Cathedrals once you get Unholy Ground) or at least offer to withhold your favors of Cathedral placement and Festival.

You don’t need to fear combat. Your Un-Men is practically advantageous. Not only does it let you walk in place for a turn without spending Power, but you can strategically boost another player, presumably against a mutual enemy. Your Reanimated are often worth killing off instead of a Cultist, since a Reanimated pained off by itself is nigh-worthless. They’re cheap, too.

With Yothans, you have more battle dice than any Great Old One. Don’t unnaturally worry about losing them in battle – consider them an investment that needs to be cashed in at some point. You may need to pace out their loss however. In an ideal world, you’d lose your last Yothan on the last action of the last turn.

You don’t have any reliable way of getting bonus Elder Signs until later in the game, so you need to keep ahead with Gates.